Artists have a never-ending thirst for knowledge. And it's not just about the latest technique or what's trending in the art world, but also asking questions from other artists and getting feedback on your work to see how others interpret it.

From open sprawling forums like Reddit to more niche platforms like DeviantArt, artist forums offer an opportunity to connect with others.

Art forums are a great way to share your work with other artists, get feedback, learn new techniques and more. Here are four reasons why you should participate in artist forums!

1. Connect with others

Networking with others is one of the best ways to learn and grow in your field. You can learn new techniques and get feedback on your work. You can also find mentors and collaborators through networking. Having the right connections at the right time can result in amazing opportunities to grow your career.

Alexandre Mougenot - Clemencrabe

Artwork by: Alexandre Mougenot

When you network with other artists, be sure to exchange contact information so that you can stay in touch. You can also collaborate on projects together or offer each other mutual feedback. The bigger art forums have thousands of members, all keen to view your work and share their own. You'll find experienced artists who enjoy supporting new artists and younger, fresher artists with creative new ideas.

2. Learn new techniques 

One of the best things about artist forums is that you can learn new techniques. There are a variety of different ways to learn new techniques, including watching video tutorials, reading articles, and participating in online workshops.

When you're looking for new techniques to learn, be sure to check out the artist forum that you're a part of. There's a good chance that someone has already shared a tutorial or two. If not, you can always start a new thread and ask other artists for their recommendations.

You can also find information about workshops and classes that are happening in your area. This is a great way to learn from an instructor in person and to meet other artists who are passionate about art.

3. Develop your art

The last great thing about artist forums is that you have a safe place to upload your art and get feedback from other artists. This can be extremely helpful if you're just starting out or if you've been working on something for a while and could use some fresh eyes on it.

When you get feedback on your art, it can help you to grow your brand. As an artist, it's important to always be growing and evolving. Getting feedback on your work can help you to see things in a new way and make changes to your work that will help you to improve.

 Leo Varas - Yui: Spec Ops Cat

Artwork by: Leo Varas

Developing your brand benefits you and your audience by better defining who you are and what you have to offer. This helps ensure that you:

  • Ensure that your brand aligns with your interests. Be sure that the way you are portrayed matches your intent and relates to your interests. Show your journey as you make new pieces or try new concepts.

  • Grow your social footprint. Big brands are all over social media, and you should be too. Sign up for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok and YouTube. By being visible over as wide a network as possible, you increase your opportunities to succeed.

  • Tell your tale. Artist's brand themselves, for the most part, in what they make and who they are. As such, there is a personal journey to be told to your audience. Letting your audience know who you are helps them connect with you and identify you through your branding. This way, you gain loyal interested followers, potential clients, as well as secure your place among your peers.

When you're looking for feedback on your art, be sure to find an artist forum that is supportive and positive. There are a lot of different artist forums out there, so take the time to find one that is a good fit for you. You'll want one that has a good community and where people are willing to give helpful feedback.

4. Make more money!

At the end of the day, the reason you are sharing your work is to make more money. Regardless of the reputation that you can gain online, you need an income to at least be able to afford to buy the required supplies continually.

Forums offer an opportunity to showcase yourself to thousands of people at a time with a few simple clicks. Active participation in those communities helps increase their engagement with your work and further validates the time and effort you put in.

This increases the perceived value of your work while also spreading the knowledge of your work to an ever-growing list of people. As this happens, your number of sales, or requests for custom work, will grow - simply put, it's a numbers game. The more noise people make about your work, the more people will buy it.


Joining an artist forum is a great way to network with other artists and learn new techniques. You can also develop your art, get feedback on your work, and make more money. Make sure to find a supportive and positive forum that is a good fit for you. Do your research before joining, and make sure to give as much as you take from it!

If you already are in a forum, leave a comment telling which are your favorites.