To boost your artistic career, no matter what stage you are at, you need to increase the number of followers on your social networks. This strategy will give you greater authority and visibility. The formula is simple: the more people who follow your work, the more fans you will have and the more artists you will interact with.

However, not everything is so easy; gaining followers is a difficult task and requires strategy, perseverance, and time. Here are some tips with which you can increase your followers:


Improve your presence on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most visual social networks, so it is ideal for artists. However, to improve your exposure on this social network, you must have a strategy for creating and publishing content because it is not enough to upload photos.

Loish Instagram @loisvb Loish Instagram @loisvb

  • Follow only your audience: You should not follow accounts not interested in art, as you will not receive good feedback since they are not your target. Instead, start by looking at the "suggested users."
  • Create interactive content: Once you have enough followers, you must maintain what you already have. So you need to interact with them frequently and create content that captivates your community. Again, it is essential to give preference to quality over quantity. 
  • Don't post too much: It wouldn't be the best to saturate your followers with too many posts. It is enough that you publish in the hours when your audience is most active. For this, you can use the metrics offered by Instagram and activity reports from social media consultants.
  • Share your account: Do you have a website? Link your Instagram account so that people looking at your work can continue to check out your art on Instagram.
  • Smart Hashtags: Hashtags are a tool Instagram offers to help people more easily find the type of content they're looking for. They also allow content creators to target their content to their audience better. This way, the platform will send your content mainly to those interested in your niche. If you want to find the ideal hashtags for you, you can consult with other artists or a social media agency on the best hashtags for your posts.


Interact with your community

Suppose you want to keep and gain more followers. In that case, you should share content and comments and opinions, receive their feedback in forums, and much more. This strategy will humanize your account and be a plus for your community to always keep you in mind.

Try to respond to everyone who comments on your social networks. Responding to comments from your audience improves the success of your account. 

A recent article regarding the importance of engaging an audience created this table to live by:

More responses on social networks
More comments from visitors on social networks
More attention from those who do not follow you
Your account has more engagement than your competitors.
Create content progressively for your target and build a long-term business.


Participate in events

You should participate in forums or platforms to show your work. This way, you will network with other artists and art enthusiasts.

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Consider the following: 

  • Community forums: A forum is a great way to communicate with more art stakeholders. In this way, you can talk about new trends, share ideas, show your art, and much more. In addition, you can create a website or blog in which you can share your perspectives on art.
  • Art contests: Art contests are a great way to get your name out in the industry. These contests attract a large number of artists and commentators. So, it would be best if you considered this option. In addition, you will have the chance to win prizes, which will increase your authority as an artist. The contests to pay attention to are the following:
    • Cubebrush's Art War: It is frequently held in early December and creates a character inspired by a theme. This requirement allows you to show your work in the forums to encourage conversations within the community. If you manage to position yourself among the top 5, you will win many prizes. 
    • 3D Artist of the Month: Rebus Farm Render Service attracts the masses by offering great prizes each month for an artist. Artists submit their best image, and if chosen, they will be featured for the entire month and nominated for Artist of the Year.  
    • Digital Art Challenges: CG Boost made this platform that holds several art contests during the year, each outstanding offering prizes. The latest is the Mushroom House Challenge. So what is its main goal? To hone your skills and have fun while creating a 3D render for your portfolio. 
  • Publish in an art blog as a guest: This strategy will improve your exposure. You should submit your posts to major art platforms to consider inviting you to share your content on their blog. This way, you will have access to their audience, and they will be able to follow you if they are interested in your content. The content you can share with them can be in the form of instructions, tips, tutorials, or advice to help new artists.

Tell us, what strategies have you used to up your following?