Basic Belt IMM Brush

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A simple Curve Brush offering versatility! It contains four different types of belt: three with holes and one with a flat surface and rounded end for finishing the other belts. The two brushes contain the same belt types, but one has closed ends and the other has open weldable ends for encircling a cylindrical object.

These belts will bring unique flair to your characters’ outfits, whether you apply one belt or multiple to create an intricate, strappy design. 

Product content

- BasicBeltCE_IMM.ZBP

- BasicBeltOE_IMM.ZBP

How the Basic Belt IMM Brush works?

In this package we can find two brushes, the both contains the same belt tipes but with some diferences:

BasicBeltCE_IMM.ZBP: This one is thought with the "Tri Parts" option enabled so it have closed ends "CE". It means that you can't weld the ends of the belt, instead it has a rounded mesh in both sides.

BasicBeltOE_IMM.ZBP: This one has the "Tri Parts" option disabled so it have closed ends "OE". With this one you can weld the ends of the belt, for example, to perfectly encircle a cylinder.


Compatible with ZBrush 2021.5.1 and above.


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