Creativity flows in unexpected ways, and sometimes the right tool can unlock new artistic possibilities. In this review, we'll dive into the exciting world of digital creativity by exploring the XP-Pen Deco Pro MW Gen2. This graphic tablet is not only an efficient tool but also a versatile companion for digital artists.

After a few years of continuous use with a competing model of a graphic screen, today I'm excited to share both the positive and the not-so-good experiences I've had with this product.

Unboxing: A World of Surprises

Opening the Deco Pro MW Gen2 box really feels like discovering a treasure trove filled with useful and high-quality accessories. From the tablet that really feels premium and very solid to an elegant metal case wich holds the stylus, every item is designed to enhance the first impresions. A special touch is the included glove, which allows your hand to slide over the tabletlet with ease.

The Deco Pro (Gen 2) Series introduces the X3 Pro chip technology, pushing pressure levels to an astonishing record of 16K, the first on the market to reach this value. The result? Lines are more precise and smooth than ever before, unlike my old screen tablet, the Deco Pro (Gen 2) Series is more sensitive and needs less presure to start drawing thin lines, meanwhile you will need to make more effort for thiker lines.

The real surprise comes with the wireless keyboard, the X-Control Remote, an accessory that simplifies shortcut configuration and enhances efficiency in artistic creation. A premium metal case houses the pen, a Bluetooth USB adapter, spare tips, and a tool for changing them. This level of detail in packaging reflects XP-Pen's commitment to quality.

While the black spare tips provides a smooth feel on every stroke, the white tips provides the roughnes of the traditional paper surface. It becomes the perfect fusion of paper familiarity on a digital surface.

With a 3030mAh battery, the Deco Pro MW ensures over 10 hours of non stopable inspiration. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity offers hassle-free wireless connection, allowing you to work without constraints.

Easy Setup: Connectivity and Customization

The Deco Pro series (Gen 2) is highly compatible, working seamlessly with Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux. It connects easily via cable or Bluetooth, offering flexibility in any operating environment.

XP-Pen has also announced Android compatibility on their website and even offers an app to configure the tablet. However, based on my testing with Android devices, the user experience leaves much to be desired. Upon plugging it in for the first time, you'll notice that the tablet's cursor/pointer doesn't align with your strokes.

The configuration app, which essentially offers only four options to rotate the cursor orientation, falls short of providing a seamless solution. You'll find that you can only move the cursor across about 3/4 of the device's screen, making it unusable for professional work. This aspect definitely needs improvement to match the otherwise impressive capabilities of the Deco Pro MW.

Connecting the tablet to my computer was straightforward, but there was a catch – it required a specific Bluetooth adapter, and not the one included in the package, to fully enjoy the wireless experience.

Interestingly enough, here's how it unfolds: The Bluetooth adapter that comes in the box isn't actually meant for pairing with the tablet. Instead, its sole purpose is to connect with the X-Control Remote. This detail was a bit puzzling and could potentially lead to some initial confusion for users expecting a more plug-and-play experience. So, if you're looking to go wireless with the Deco Pro MW, you might need to invest in a compatible Bluetooth adapter to make the most out of its wireless capabilities.

After downloading the drivers from the XP-Pen website, setup was completed in minutes. The setup software allows customization of keyboard shortcuts and pen sensitivity, adapting to my preferences and workflow.

The Deco Pro MW reduces fatigue with its ergonomic design, allowing you to work for hours without sacrificing comfort. Moreover, customized shortcut configuration gives you full control over your workspace, ensuring each stroke fits your unique style.

Application in Sculpture: Bringing Characters to Life

Diving into creative territory with the Deco Pro MW is a pleasure. The pen response is quick and precise, with pressure levels providing exceptional control. When using sculppture programs like ZBrush, the tablet becomes a natural extension of my creativity. The X-Control Remote's wheel for changing brush size and shortcut customization streamline the creative process.

For concept artists, the Deco Pro MW offers a valuable tool in the editing process. Performing dodge and burn becomes a smooth and precise task, making subtle yet impactful improvements to shadows and highlights in images. The pen's precision and the ability to quickly switch between brushes facilitate manipulation of critical details.

Conclusion: A Versatile Tool with Some Quirks

The Good:

  1. Premium Experience: The Deco Pro MW Gen2 offers an impressive experience with high-quality accessories, including a premium tablet, elegant metal case for the stylus, and a useful glove for smoother drawing.
  2. 16K Presure Points: With a groundbreaking 16K pressure level, this tablet delivers precise and smooth lines, making it more sensitive and requiring less pressure for thin lines compared to older models.
  3. Wireless Keyboard: The X-Control Remote simplifies shortcut configurations, enhancing artistic efficiency. Additionally, the premium metal case that houses the pen and accessories showcases XP-Pen's commitment to quality.
  4. Battery Life and Connectivity: A 3030mAh battery ensures over 10 hours of uninterrupted inspiration, while Bluetooth 5.0 offers hassle-free wireless connectivity across multiple operating systems.
  5. Customization and Ergonomic Design: The easy-to-use setup software allows for personalized keyboard shortcuts and pen sensitivity adjustments. Plus, the ergonomic design reduces fatigue, enabling longer working hours without compromising comfort.

The Not-So-Good:

  1. Limited Android Compatibility: Despite XP-Pen's announcement of Android compatibility and a configuration app, the user experience with Android devices is subpar. The cursor/pointer doesn't align with strokes, and the configuration options are limited, affecting professional usability.
  2. Confusing Bluetooth Adapter: The included Bluetooth adapter is not meant for pairing with the tablet but only connects with the X-Control Remote. This could lead to initial confusion and requires users to purchase a compatible Bluetooth adapter for a seamless wireless experience.

In summary, the XP-Pen Deco Pro MW Gen2 is a versatile and efficient tool that offers a premium experience, advanced technology, and excellent customization options. However, it falls short in terms of Android compatibility and comes with a confusing Bluetooth adapter requirement. Despite these drawbacks, its features and design make it a valuable companion for digital artists seeking to elevate their creative process.

If you're interested in getting a tablet like this or learning about the offers available from XPPEN's online store, I'll leave a button here for you to check it out now.


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