Barbed Wire IMM Brush

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Wrap your characters or vehicles with this barbed wire brush to give them a menacing post-apocalyptic look. Build fearsome thorny props in twisted metal and razor-sharp spikes as if Lucille, the Negan's baseball bat from The Walking Dead was about. Design an industrial scene or a nightmarish future with jagged barriers to freedom that looks lifelike, believable, and brutal.

The BarbedWire_IMM is an all-in-one brush that contains more than 60 barbed-wire variants grouped in 22 SETs. Starting by more traditional metalic feel; to organic, twisted and sharpen thorns at the end.

This is a must for artists that are looking for a hostile touch to their scenes, whether their work is grounded in realism or chilling fantasy.

A big quantity of possibilities where the limit is in the each one's imagination.

Product content

- BarbedWire_IMM.ZBP


Compatible with ZBrush 2021.5.1 and above.


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