It's been awhile since we released the Fast N' Furry brush and since then, this brush has become one of the most loved and backed by hundreds of artists who already use this tool in their projects.

From the S3ART Store team, we want to notify you that we have released the version 2.0 of Fast N' Furry.

With this version, we have rebuilded the entire brush from scratch to come with something big and fresh. To do so, we have remeshed the A-SET, B-SET and C-SET meshes and we have added 12 new fur SET styles, that goes from D-SET to O-SET. Each set has 20 mesh shapes, making a total of 300 shapes to choose from.

Also, we have unwrapped the UVs of each mesh. To avoid the annoying process of making them once you have the meshes already in place.

Finally we believe that the grouped fur meshes didn't make sense at all. That's why we have removed those options from A-SET, B-SET and C-SET.

Now you can find the brush in two main versions. The All-in-One Brush that contains all the meshes inside the same brush. And the splitted version, that each SET is found in separated brushes – the main feature of this version is that it cycles between meshes randomly on each stroke.

In S3ART Store, when developing our brushes for ZBrush, we always try to resume all meshes in one unique brush but, sometimes it’s not the best option.

So, that’s why we deliver this product in different versions, the All-in-One brush and the splitted version – which each one has its own advantages. Choose whatever works best for you!

We hope you continue enjoying the Fast N' Furry brush so far.