What is Black Week at S3ART Store?

Black Week at S3ART Store, is that special time of the year when we go all out to offer you the best discounts on our top-quality 3D modeling resources. Rooted in the United States and celebrated right after Thanksgiving, Black Week marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It's a time when you can find incredible offers, and many users jump in early to save a few bucks on their gifts.

When is Black Week 2024?

Mark your calendar! Black Week 2024 at S3ART Store will kick off on November 25th and continue until September 1st. But that's not all – we don't settle for just one day of fantastic deals; we've extended it to a full Black Week.

The Best Deals of Black Week 2024

Prepare yourself for the most epic Black Week ever. At S3ART Store, we're committed to offering you the most outstanding selection of 3D modeling resources ever seen. We strive to exceed your expectations every year, making this Black Week the best one yet.

More Than Just a Day

At S3ART Store, we believe that a single day of super offers is not enough. Our Black Week is designed to give you the best deals. Last year, we came closer than ever, offering three weeks of incredible Black Week deals. What does Black Week 2024 have in store for you? How many Black Weeks of astonishing deals will there be? Stay tuned!

Online and In-Store

Say goodbye to long queues and crowded stores. S3ART Store offers the convenience of online shopping from the comfort of your home. Whether you prefer shopping online or in our physical stores, we've got you covered.

Cyber Monday 2024: The Perfect Finish

Don't forget about Cyber Monday 2024, taking place on September 2nd, right after Black Week. It's the ideal follow-up to your Black Week shopping. Start the week with incredible offers that pave the way for the holiday season. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the latest offers in your inbox.

History and Origin of Black Week

This shopping tradition, which began in Philadelphia, has several theories about its origins. Some believe that the term "Black Friday" was first used in reference to an American economic crisis, unrelated to Christmas shopping. It traces back to 1869 when "Viernes Negro" was coined to describe a day when two relentless financiers failed to achieve significant financial gains. Later, in 1929, the term "Jueves Negro" was used in the same context, marking the exact day when the American market went bankrupt due to the Wall Street stock market crash.

However, the most well-known origin story of "Black Friday" relates to the relief it brought to small American businesses. The surge in shopping following Thanksgiving allowed them to transition from being in the "red" (debt) to the "black" (profit), leaving behind months of financial hardship and recession.

When Did It Start?

We can safely say that Black Week has been celebrated since the mid-20th century and has grown exponentially, especially since 2005. Today, it's the biggest sales day in the Western world. Early in the morning, you'll find long lines of customers waiting to grab products at unbelievable prices, making it the best shopping day of the year.

At S3ART Store, we're excited to embrace this American tradition and offer you the best Black Week deals in the world of digital art in 2024.

S3ART Store's Black Week Journey

At S3ART Store, we've been celebrating Black Week for over a decade. We were the first e-commerce platform to introduce Black Week to Spain in 2012, and with each passing year, we've received more positive feedback from our valued customers. Our teams work tirelessly to provide you with the happiness-packed boxes at even more competitive prices each year. You can't imagine the excitement we feel in the weeks leading up to this event, and how dedicated we are to preparing the best deals for you. This is our most anticipated date.

Have Questions?

For any questions you may have about Black Week at S3ART Store, we've set up a dedicated Help Center specifically for this occasion. Here, you can find answers to all your queries and receive assistance from our expert agents. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can request personalized assistance through this link.

We invite you to join us for a fantastic Black Week in 2024. S3ART Store is more than a marketplace; it's a place where we share our passion for digital art and offer you incredible resources to enhance your artistic journey. Our dedication to quality service and personal attention ensures you have access to a wide variety of themed tool sets designed to cover every creative challenge and accelerate your artistic process.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Visit S3ART Store, explore our products, and make Black Week in 2024 a memorable part of your creative year.

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