Eyelashes IMM Brush Pack

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Create striking eyelashes with this handy IMM Curve Brush. If your project is time-sensitive, this is the fastest way to add lashes without compromising on detail. With a variety of shapes, you can play around until you find a look you love.

Make your characters’ eyes look bigger and more seductive. Add top and bottom lashes to frame the eyes and make them pop. Choose lashes that are natural, edgy, or luxuriously full – whatever suits your character.

Product content

- RealisticEyelashes_A-SET_IMM.ZBP
- RealisticEyelashes_B-SET_IMM.ZBP
- RealisticEyelashes_C-SET_IMM.ZBP
- CartoonEyelashes_A-SET_IMM.ZBP
- CartoonEyelashes_B-SET_IMM.ZBP


    Compatible with ZBrush 2019 and above.


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