Geo Maker VDM Brush

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Make your planet’s terrain more authentic with this VDM Brush. It’s a versatile tool with which you can add a few rocks or design the surface of an entire mountain. Position stones on your sculpt meshes or create otherworldly texture all over.

Simply drag your chosen shape onto your model to give depth and realism. The various shapes range from flat with subtle, grainy texture to rough and ridged with cracks and cut edges.

Product content

The content may vary depending on the product type you select when adding to cart.

- GeoMaker_A-SET_VDM.ZBP // 15 rocks and 5 surface patterns.

- GeoMaker_B-SET_VDM.ZBP // 17 rocks and 4 surface patterns.

- GeoMaker_C-SET_VDM.ZBP //18 rocks and 3 surface patterns.


Compatible with ZBrush 2021.5.1 and above.


How do I import brushes into ZBrush?