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My name is Sergi Camprubí Subirana, I’m a character artist based in Barcelona, Catalonia. I am, very passioned about what I do and I’m committed to keep learning. What I’ll show you through this website is based on my experience and personal research. I do believe I could help you as well as other buddies, by sharing what I know.

My Story

I have always been around art from a very young age; always drawing up characters and making crafts from anything I had around.

One part of me knew that my passion for drawing and sculpting was going to be a big part of my life. This hasn’t changed much over the years, but not always I had it so clear.

When I was 16, I started a degree in computer science. I always liked to wiggle around with computers; for me it was a big opportunity to start learning something of my interest.

After graduating, the next step I had in mind was to continue studying for the next two years something about programing. Until when filling out the registration form and some documentation for the access to the next degree, I saw that in the same school they also were offering a degree called "3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments".

I didn’t think twice, this degree was something that involves what I was studying before plus what I loved when I was a kid, something where I can express my creativity again. I couldn't miss this opportunity.

I discovered in 3d design something that made me feel good. So at the end of the course I had to decide from what I had been taught, which was I liked best and exploit it to be able to find work in the industry.

Character design is what I had liked since I was a kid, so I would put all my desire to learn how to make characters (mostly cartoon).

At first, this was hard, but once I understood some basic concepts and learned how to use the tools, ZBrush was a revelation! I loved it! So for a few years now, ZBrush has been one of my main software of creation and an integral part of my workflow.

Additionally, it helped me to develop a work-flow and to create my own tools.
After a few years and many interviews with recruiters, I realized that where there were more people looking for work in this world was in the character creation sector and companies, obviously, only hire the people which their modelling style supply their needs. There were not many opportunities at all.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that if it was so difficult to access the industry as a modeller (some of my friends easily got a job in VFX industry), it would be better to look for opportunities elsewhere. Although the circumstances, I was committed to keep doing what I love, simply because it was (and still is) most rewarding for me.

Fortunately for me, it has been, and I have managed to make a living out of what I love doing – this is the reason I want to share what I learned (and continue learning), through my journey to hopefully inspire others to make the most out of their passion too.

Why S3ART Learning?

The reason behind S3ART Learning is to make a place where share what I learned and my experiences in the digital art world to help you with your own artistic journey.
When I show people what I love doing, I’ve been fortunate to receive great feedback and critiques, that have helped me further improve myself as an artist. It excites me that you guys are interested in what I do and it makes me want to keep experimenting with tools and techniques as well as motivating me to show you different methods.
Simply put, this website is a place to share some of my art, and the way I make it. I hope you find this website useful!