Leather Belts IMM Brush

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This is a complete IMM curve brush with 10 unique belt shapes with some street and punk looking patterns. You will find each shape in two forms, one with a buckle and the holes part of the belt. The other one doesn't have the ends so it means that you can weld them together, for example, to perfectly encircle a cylinder.

Product content

- LeatherBelts_IMM.ZBP

How to use

  • To open the brush in ZBrush you have to go to the brush palette, the first square at the top left of your screen, then load the brush with "Load Brush" button at the bottom left of the window.
  • You can permanently install it by moving the brush in Zbrush installation folder, in my case: "C:/Program Files/Pixologic/ZBrush 2019/ZStartup/BrushPresets".
  • The low poly meshes that conform the brush are thought to be displayed with Dynamic Subdivision activated. To activate this feature you have to go to "Tool > Geometry > Dynamic Subdiv" and activate "Dynamic" or just pushing "D" on your keyboard.
  • Use the top bar to select the shape or click "M" to open shapes menu.
  • An other options that can be usefull to control the curve brush are in "Strokes", the buttons inside "Curve" drop menu. Like Snap, Elastic, Liquid, Lock Start and Lock End.


Compatible with ZBrush 2019 and above.